the Kansai Promotion Council for the 2019 G20 Osaka Summit.the Kansai Promotion Council for the 2019 G20 Osaka Summit.

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Site Policy

Scope of Site Policy

This Site Policy applies to the Kansai Promotion Council for the 2019 Osaka Summit website (using the domain name referred to as “the Council Website”). This Site Policy also applies to the sub-domains and pages within the Council Website.

About Link

Link to the Council Website

The Council Website may be linked to without needing to contact the Council for permission. However, when setting up a link, please specify that it is a link to the Council Website. Also, it is prohibited to replicate or incorporate parts of the Council Website into any other websites.
The Council Website may request the deletion of a link from a website that it deems inappropriate due to illegal activity, inappropriate material, etc. Please note that the council website may also change or delete the content of the site or change its URL without notice.

Link within the Council Website

The Council Website only links to websites which include legal and socially appropriate material, fair and information about the Council, necessary supplemental information, etc. Please be aware that websites will otherwise not be linked to from within the Council Website.
It should also be noted that these links are only for the convenience of the site users, and the Council does not guarantee or recommend the contents of the linked sites. Linked websites are not under the domain or control of the Council or its website, and therefor does not take responsibility for their content or any damages incurred by their use.


Photographs, illustrations, audio, video and articles posted on the Council Website are copyrighted and protected by copyright law. However, in some cases, the copyright is held by the original creator.
Unauthorized use and/or reproduction are prohibited unless it is used in an appropriate manner permitted by copyright law, such as for private use or reference.

Prohibition of reproduction without permission

The contents of the Council Website are not to be reproduced, modified, sold, borrowed, etc., without explicit permission. This includes the prohibition of unpermitted re-use by a third party. However, private use and/or reference are permitted by copyright law.


The information contained on the Council Website has been meticulously researched. However, the Council is not responsible for any actions taken by those using the information on the Council Website. the Council is not responsible for any damages or losses caused by those accessing the Council Website, under any circumstances.

About the format

There are pages within the Council Website that use PDF format (Adobe Acrobat documents) and may not be view-able without the Adobe Reader application or plug-in. Please visit the Adobe Reader download page 新規ウィンドウで開く for further information. Please note that the application usage may be changed without notice depending upon its distributor.

About the handling of personal information

When collecting, using, providing, or handling personal information, the Council will follow the Council’s personal information regulations prohibiting the leaking or loss of any personal information provided to the Council Website.
In addition, in accordance with these same regulations, the information collected will only be used for its designated purposes. For details, please refer to the ‘personal information protection system’ information page 新規ウィンドウで開く on the Osaka Prefecture websites here.

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